Brian A. McLaughlin


All people seek to find certainty - the certainty that there truly IS something more beyond a single life on Earth that ends in death. We collectively seek certainty, clarity and ultimately peace. It is peace that passes all understanding. It is a state of peace that results from knowing with certainty that we exist forever.

Brian McLaughlin's journey to Heaven brought that sense of certainty, clarity and peace. But what he realized afterward is that the peace we seek is not something we will find far off in an unknown future - it is instead right here, right now. We CAN be certain now. We CAN experience that peace in this very moment. His epiphany occurred when he heard the phrase "My peace I give you," as he understood, for the first time, what those words were meant to convey.

"This book will help others who have had an NDE to make sense of their experience and will also help those close to someone who has had an NDE because NDEs affect close family members and friends too."

Dr Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

brian mclaughlin a flight without wings



In Brian McLaughlin's inspirational book, A Flight Without Wings, Brian vividly depicts his journey into Heaven and his following return to life caused by a massive head trauma sustained while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico twenty-one years ago.

It is raw. It is real. There is no embellishment, no theology and no hidden agendas.

His powerful, eye-opening story reveals to readers how he obtained an understanding and clarity after passing over to the “other side”.


“I have read it and I think it’s an inspiring tale of deep insight and so personal and yet so universal . . . such profound perspective.”

Mark Feuerstein, Actor, Royal Pains, USA Network








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50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading 2015


Brian was chosen as a winner in the '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' Book Awards For 2015



50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading 2016


Brian was chosen as a winner in the '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading' Book Awards For 2016.

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