NDE Similarities, Typical or Unique- Tracy Morgan comparison

Finding similar Near Death Stories,  Typical or Unique

Tracy Morgan had an NDE as many of you may know. I was particularly drawn to his story as he indicated a meeting with his deceased father who told him his job was not finished, and he had to return to do so. Many NDE stories are varied in nature and the specifics are even more diverse.

I connecteBrianOnBeachOpeningClams1 (2)d with Tracy Morgan’s description because of the similarities to my own NDE. I too met up with my deceased father who told me I had to go back. He has gotten on with his life after recovering relatively quickly  from injuries. Same circumstance for me.

I didn’t know much about him before reading about his accident and near death experience, but I’ve taken the time to savor the parallels we share in our individual events. Often times the things one sees or feels in such an experience seem unique to that person. When you hear about another person having such a similar incident, it is comforting.

I relate also to his motivation to move ahead and get on with his life. In my case, it was a way of putting the whole occurrence on the back burner and taking charge of the business at hand. I give him credit.

My guess would be that Dr. Raymond Moody would appreciate this similarity as it supports some of his theories about the threads that recur in NDEs.  Any and all of these stories contribute to the acceptance of the possibility of para normal incidents in order to bring comfort to those that are concerned or worried about death and an afterlife. I would take this time to thank Tracy Morgan for sharing his experience and also to thank Dr. Raymond Moody for spending decades doing research in this area to bring some measure of clarity to us all.

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