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Afterlife – Does it exist ? Can it be proven ?

In Books about NDEs, the gap between science and religion is becoming narrower. Scientists are studying the work of people like Amit Goswami and his theories of downward causation. Historically, metaphysics was convinced of upward causation.   The brain controls and even produces consciousness. Studies are now being considered on just the opposite.  That is that consciousness controls brain activity.  Therefore consciousness can exist in the absence of brain activity.  I suppose it is just as difficult to fathom as the historical theories.

More and more data has shown at very least, the possibilities.  That alone could be considered a major breakthrough in the scientific world. Should one combine that with religious or spiritual interpretation, it becomes a more compelling argument for plausibility.

All of the studies, data, and scrutiny in my estimation, are for those who don’t believe or who are on the fence about it. Those who have been lucky enough to have an NDE (near death experience) as described by Dr. Ray Moody, aren’t really looking for that “proof”. As in my own case, I can be comfortable believing what I have seen and heard.

Offering a clear understanding of such an event is difficult at best. Books about NDEs present a variety of interpretations, some of which give a more entertaining version through embellishment and professional literary help, which would provide a leg-up with marketing. In my own thoughts, I feel that the more embellished the work is, the closer it appears to fiction.

In my book about NDE, “A Flight Without Wings”, I share the things I saw with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears as closely and honestly as I remember, and although not an expert on either quantum physics or religion, I stand behind what I saw and heard and felt in the afterlife … with confidence… and in my own words.

Brian A. McLaughlin

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