Afterlife , Does it exist ?

Afterlife ,  Does it exist ?


Much is argued these days about the existence of an afterlife. Passionate views on either side seem to reflect personal belief system differences. Studies have been done on the similarities and differences of NDE accounts, and yet it boils down to speaking to people  with personal experience on one side, and the scientific approach on the other.

My own observation is that the scientists will remain skeptical as long as it cannot be touched, smelt, tasted, felt or seen. Yes… our 5 senses. It would, for them, also have to be 3 dimensional. That’s OK.

Dr. Ray Moody wrote “life after Life” back in 1975 when he coined the term “NDE”(near death experience) which has been misused more often than not lately. It seems nearly everyone struggles with the concept of a “soul” that may experience some sort of consciousness  after death. Still not much in the form of proof.

On the other hand, it appears that the stronger one’s faith, the more intense the belief in the afterlife.

May be from a lifetime of religious suggestion and interpretation. None the less, that “faith” offers some measure of hope and comfort. It did for me. Although my own notions of what Heaven would be like were essentially unfulfilled, there were greater benefits afforded me through my NDE. I returned with new and exciting tools to use in my life here and now. No guilded halls, or angels with “wings” for me. Just a clear understanding of what peace without fear feels like. Living without fear of death opens up new perspectives for me and can for others.

Seems that this is the reason it’s suggested not to argue religion. It’s a personal belief thing.  Whether or not your beliefs can be proven is not the issue… it’s the belief itself.

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