Afterlife, What the afterlife is like.

Afterlife, What the afterlife is like ?

Maybe not what you might expect. It wasn’t for me. Like most people, I had my own conception of what the afterlife might be like. Through extreme head trauma, I had a life changing experience.  I saw and felt the afterlife, and it was overwhelming.  Though lacking the fanciful, the NDE was profound and compelling. It was simple in nature, comforting, and extremely peaceful. My time in Heaven was more likely than not a short stay, although in retrospect it feels like it was at least, hours. So much to absorb in such a brief time.  Many of the “lessons” I was exposed to came to me over time after returning.

Maybe not what you might expect

Maybe not what you might  expect

I’ve never read any other books on the subject in an effort not to taint my memory of my experience. I do find it amazing that after all the years since my accident, I still remain clear about THAT particular moment in time. Thinking back on it can stir emotions of the event and difficult recovery times post-surgery, here in the States.

I have tried on several occasions to describe the event, and each time I find myself at a loss for accurate words. My hope would be that each time I write something about it, a little more becomes clear to the reader. Questions and/or comments could be helpful to me in knowing which direction I should pursue in the descriptions. Do you have any questions or concerns?

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