Book About NDE

                                         A Book about NDE and a thought about loss

A book about NDE may be just the thing to read through when approaching a holiday.

First Holidays without a loved one or friend is a particularly sensitive time.  How calming it is to know that your family member or friend is happy and peaceful. We’ve all heard about how life goes on, but we find that the grief seems to go on as well. I have been there and back and can say with certainty that all earthly concerns, pain, and anguish is left cemetery03behind when we pass. Everything is right and nothing is wrong with where they are and how they feel.

 Returning to earthly life with a heightened sense of understanding and clarity is rewarding in formulating new approaches to relationships and people in general. Appreciating the struggles that someone else may be dealing with at any given time helps us become better company for friends and family or even a stranger.

Just to be able and willing to be the one person who might help someone through a tough day or moment, will bring instant reward to you, and in turn, make your day or moment considerably brighter.

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