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Comment on article in Huff Post Religion- The Blog
By: Marika Rosenthal Delan dated 11/10/15

Through my Book about NDE, I can relate to your husband’s experience and the after effects on his/your lives.
After having my own NDE, even though the actual experience was more than likely a short event,
the benefits seem to continue to be discovered.
I often described my condition as being an emotional wreck, when in fact after many instances and much reflection, I realized that I was more connected to others. I experience their pain, suffering, and yes, even their joy. Years after trying in vain to explain the changes, I came to accept the heightened sense of intuition I was blessed with and tried to harness it into something positive. When the soul leaves the body, even if just for a few moments, it feels like it’s being bombarded by some unexplained electrical storm wherein each spark is a grain of understanding and clarity that completes portions of our belief systems. Some become “Ah-hah” moments while some remain unexplained and misunderstood. Trying to make sense of events that overwhelm our parameters is challenging in the midst of skeptical opposition.
The most success for me has come from acceptance of these (and others) changes in my thought process. I have had many small epiphanies since my NDE which substantiate the expansion of the envelope of my world to include beliefs that I would have dismisssed prior to the accident that led me to passing over and ultimately returning.
I am going to go out on a limb and assume that this is all part of some “serenity/love” that Marika refers to in her article. She sounded very grounded in her opinion… as if she had the experience herself. Definitely one of the better accounts I’ve read about and related to.
Brian McLaughlin, Author “A Flight Without Wings”

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