Book about NDE s – Connection to other’s Energy


Book about NDE s … Connection to others Energy

Ref: Oprah Winfrey Super Soul Sunday – “What Happens When We Die?”

In a few short interview moments, on her show, Oprah asks “What happens when we die”? Eckhart Tolle offers a compelling perspective that appears to be referring to an inner consciousness or energy that when embraced, connects us all in some way. I’ve heard Oprah refer to certain “Ah-ha” moments that define our lives. I have had a few of these through my NDE experience, and I refer to them as “epiphanies”. Some are simple actions and reactions with people in general in everyday living, while others were more profound for instance;

I stood in church and listened to the liturgy that refers to Jesus Christ offering: “My Peace I Give You”. For me , it was a validation of my experience and my beliefs. It was powerful enough to make sense of the whole event that transformed my life, which had been so confusing and fearful.


 Book about NDE s

I am satisfied that I died, and experienced Heaven. I am not trying to convince anyone of my personal beliefs,  just wrote in my  book about NDE s , (‘A Flight Without Wings’) referring to what I saw and felt. Seems that often it’s argued , where or what this “heaven” is, in the mind of the scientist as opposed to the person with some faith who had such an experience.  Does it really matter what it’s called ?

I have readily admitted that I don’t know what EXACTLY the place was…. be it a state of mind or an actual address with zip code. Is there room for the possibility that both are right … some altered suspension of time and mind function that brought about a euphoria that becomes indescribable? Possibly a place where our basic energy ( “soul” ) exists beyond our physical being ? I don’t have the definitive answer, but I remain open minded enough to recognize the possibilities.

For now, I embrace the clarity and understanding that brings unexplained peace to my life, and guides my actions through some difficult challenges.


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