Book about NDE s – Fearless Approach


Book about NDE s – Facing challenges fearlessly

Describing a Book about NDE s  may leave you wanting more about the experience itself, when in fact that moment of transition is more likely than not, a very short time. Most interest and fascination lies within the life lessons learned while witnessing the indescribable feelings while there. From my own experience, I can say that I had no sense of time.  It really felt like hours, when in fact it was probably more like minutes. After all, the human body will start to deteriorate very quickly without benefit of a heart pumping and oxygen delivery to cells and tissue.

The mysterious and humbling part of the whole event is in managing the rewards without fear. Sure, the fear of death disappears, but can you imagine facing life’s challenges “fearlessly” ?

Brian's book about NDEsIt is an oxymoron, inasmuch as it is frightening to accept this lack of fear when making decisions or determining a path to follow. I had to approach this newly found discipline cautiously. The results turned out to be amazing and brought me confidence albeit in baby steps. I find that explaining a confident decision is much easier than trying to explain the peace I felt in passing over… seeing my deceased father who sent me back…etc., etc..

I have spent the time testing out several theories on this particular facet of an event and have walked away with some very rewarding successes. Some of these successes are with me today, and so I cant deny the source of these “gifts” as being something I returned from Heaven with, and use in my life.

In my opinion, should you be looking to get something positive from reading a Book about NDE s don’t forget to read between the lines where some slight metaphors for life may be hiding.

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