Book About NDE s, Reflections by Award Winning Author

Book about NDE s, Reflections by Award winning Author Blog: Seal-Winner2015 Tradition is always a big part of holiday anticipation. As your special day approaches, it can however remind us of a loved one(s) that are no longer here, and challenge us to meet the Holiday with with some measure of joy.
Many of us tend to silently reflect on their absence and retreat to disappointment if not grief. The memories that we hold so important and dear are still with us. The traditions that our loved ones were part of can be celebrated and talked about, and shared with others as they may be facing the same difficulties. Yes, we will notice that someone is missing, but maybe toasting them, and recognizing their role in making certain memories could be a way of including them in the conversations and reflections.
Traditions usually are constantly evolving as families grow and change due to birth, death and marriage, and other circumstances. My thought would be to embrace and enjoy the changes, and leave a special little space to honor the ones that are missing thus leaving room to experience the Holiday without feeling guilty, and leaving room to make your own positive impression on other people’s memories.
Remember that new memories and traditions are being created for new family members and friends,
and they may not be feeling the loss the same way you do. It’s OK to talk about how Dad ate so much pie, or how Uncle “so and so” always fell asleep on the floor after eating, or how grandma usually had too much to drink… You are sharing both your pain and joy with others who are forming their own memories and traditions. After all, some day YOU will be one of those being toasted and missed.
Brian McLaughlin, Author:
“A Flight Without Wings”

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