Book about NDE s – Seizing Opportunities

Book about NDE s – Seizing Opportunities Fearlessly

In a book about NDE s , one may find the key to living fearlessly. A difficult concept to embrace at first, it becomes a typical way of thinking. The absence of fear from death is a given, but loss of fear in everyday decision making has a tendency to bolster confidence allowing the taking of chances easier.

Another benefit of the passing over experience is the clarity and certainty that one feels from knowing what to expect at the time of death. I made mention of this in my book about NDE s  “A Flight Without Wings”.  Mark Feuerstein , Actor ( Royal Pains- USA Netwobrian mclaughlin a flight without wingsrk ) wrote “ I have read it … such profound perspective”.  The experience brings with it an understanding beyond what you may have had prior to the event. There is also documented evidence indicating that a heightened sense of intuition or awareness is experienced by some who have “passed over”. For me, upon returning opened my eyes to opportunities that came disguised.

When you combine the two… Fearlessness and recognition of opportunities, the approach can be amazingly successful.  I have put the two together on several occasions in my life,  after-death, and have enjoyed that success.  I don’t feel that one needs to have an NDE to seize these benefits available … just an open mind to see hidden prospects and sort of forcing your mind to dismiss the fear of failure. Everyone who is successful has more likely than not, taken a chance on something. Most have had some failures before successes.

Jamie Lee Curtis said, when asked to reference her career and role  choices in an article by Greg Braxton  ( LA Times ) shown in Newsday  “Life really does hinge on a couple of seconds you never see coming” .  The disguised opportunities I mentioned may just be those couple of seconds.

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