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Author, "A Flight Without Wings" A Book about NDE

Book about NDE

Until I wrote a book about NDE  that shares my own death experience, I too was skeptical. Trying not to be too wordy, I think one major obstacle in trying to help people overcome the skepticism on a book about NDE is the inability to accurately describe the event. There is nothing here in our lives to compare it to… no adjectives… very hard to describe profound peace, etc.  Almost as difficult to explain some of the heightened senses that follow after returning. I simply wrote a book explaining  what I saw and felt when I died and how returning affected my life. Many questions left unanswered should you exclude spirituality or religion, however unstructured, from the equation.

I really don’t think it matters all that much what you call this sort of place. What matters is that you believe in it, and gather some comfort from believing. Most eyewitness accounts in a book about NDEs can offer some measure of validation to the reader. Should you be the type that needs “proof”, then you may be in for a long process with little satisfaction to be ultimately realized, inasmuch as this subject presents only what some consider circumstantial evidence of proof.  You  may find some discovery if you look in the grey area where science and religion/spirituality overlap.  It’s a place where many of us find our belief systems.

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