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Thoughts About Heaven And The Afterlife

In Books about NDEs , the best information aBrianOnSetbout Heaven and the Afterlife comes from the people who have had the experience.

Dr. Ray Moody seems to be on the cusp of making a definitive statement, clarifying the controversy about belief in the afterlife. Those fortunate enough to have had a death experience feel that their NDE is proof or validation of Heaven and Afterlife. Some require a little more science than the experiencers. I’m guessing that Dr. Moody is well versed in Amit Goswami’s theories about quantum causation. Should Mr. Goswami be able somehow support his theory, then typical NDEs should be quite believable to the skeptics. This would support Ray Moody’s suggestions about NDEs.

The grey area created by the overlap of science and religion is becoming more obvious. The balance of belief seems to be falling for science and increasing for the mind’s interpretation.  Forward thinkers like Deepak Chopra take these theories and thoughts well beyond the NDE controversy and into far reaching facets of everyday living.

These men, along with countless others provide us with food for our thought process. They also provide possibilities that historically were considered nonsense.

I don’t  need any other validation other than my own NDE.   When you have seen or felt something profound, it is difficult to dismiss.  Attempting to share the benefits with others proves to be quite a challenge though.  I have recently started to pay attention to the aforementioned progressive thinkers.  I’m glad that they have taken on such a difficult cause. After a few sentences describing quantum physics and metaphysical studies I’ve had enough. To me it’s a full time job keeping up with advances made in this area.  My thinking is to leave the scientific proving to the experts and I’ll concentrate on knowing what to expect and how it feels when you die and go to Heaven

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