Heaven . Will The Afterlife Meet Your Expectations

Through a book about NDEs, I can speak with certainty about Heaven and passing over… at least in my own experience.

I’m not speaking about near misses or close calls when I refer to an NDE(near death experience). I’m referring to flat lining and witnessing your own “soul” leaving your body and ending up in a place I have alluded to as Heaven.

I reference different sites and groups that express a fear of the actual moment of crossing over. They don’t seem to indicate a fear of being in Heaven (or whatever you choose to call it), but the actual instant of transition. For me, it wasn’t even a “letting go” process. It seemed to be a natural progression, not a choice, and nothing frightening about it. Very pleasant. So pleasant in fact that I was disappointed when my deceased father told me I had to “go back”. Even though I kept my questions to myself at first, it began a mission of figuring out “why” I was sent back. Not certain that I have a satisfactory answer to that to date.

BrianOnSetMy event was the result of massive head trauma. Some are the end result of an illness. So, I speak from my own experience in saying that it was the easiest piece of the whole puzzle. Although comfortable and pain free, it did not meet my pre-conceived notions of what Heaven would be. No gilded halls or angels with wings,

it was simple yet powerful, and certainly the comparisons between pre-conceived notions and reality didn’t manifest themselves until afterwards… in looking back. While I was there, nothing was wrong and everything was right about where I was and why. The benefits far exceeded anything I might have imagined beforehand. My journey of discovery continues through today, as I identify opportunities that present to me in my daily life.

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