Life After Death – Memories & Grief

Life After Death in a  book about NDE s, is good to read at different times  like birthdays, and holidays, when some of us will be facing the inevitable visit of grief that either comes with or is renewed during traditional holidays. Although missed, the lives of those that have passed can be celebrated rather than mourned. The memories that sustain us can turn sadness into joy of having had a relationship that we miss.

Religion and our relationship with God is a very personal thing. Sure, you may follow a structured church either loosely or strictly, but you alone determine what level of dedication you give to that.

cemetery02Your level of faith is more than likely the barometer for your beliefs because “proof” is a difficult concept when dealing with Life After Death. Many religions share some theories on  “Life After Death” as a reward for our behavior here in this life. Terms like heaven, hell, purgatory and even nirvana, karma and reincarnation are all words that most people have heard before and have accepted, or not, to some degree based on one’s convictions. Conversely, some discount the subject entirely, based on metaphysics and arguments about consciousness after life. In my world, science and religion co-exist and overlap, forming grey areas that are difficult to prove at either end. Some events are accepted as “close calls”, or near misses, miracles, etc., but all seem to remain “unexplained” and certainly unproven. Most all people accept these events, however significant they are, as part of life. Many people have had occasion to hear a doctor or clinician admit to not knowing why something turned out the way it did… good or bad.

I have had the good fortune of witnessing this afterlife that so many people hold dear in their minds because it gives them hope and motivation in satisfying their inherent sense of goodness. Like with any eyewitness account, there comes a certain degree of validation for Life After Death which in this case may contribute to one’s overall religious philosophies. The more believable it is, the more certainty one can extract that supports their own personal belief system.

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