Politics, Religion, NDE, Avoid confrontation

MONITORS2  Politics, Religion, NDE – Avoid confrontation

Two subjects that you don’t talk about in social gatherings… Politics, Religion, NDE … Avoid confrontation

I place religion and NDE in one category. While discussing or arguing politics can get passionate, it’s difficult to determine if you’re arguing ideals or empty pledges. You can be promised the world before elections, then afterwards the politicians spend more time trying to excuse why they haven’t accomplished their promises.

Religion on the other hand is a more personal subject, whereby differences in ideals and hopes may not hold the same satisfaction as effective changes in laws and policies, spiritual connections are essential to most.

Religious beliefs are deep rooted in trusting churches and bible interpretations, and then are almost always fine tuned individually. In politics, one can realize whether or not the pre-election promises are implemented within a relatively short period of time. Religious belief systems may not be “proven” until a person passes away. That person might have the benefit of validation, but those left behind will find little satisfaction from the unfortunate event.

Many people will declare that the deceased are “in a better place”, and continue to hope for themselves. Some lucky people have the advantage of having died and seen and felt the place many call Heaven. Many have written  Books about NDEs (near death experience). Although proof of such is impossible, the wide variety of common threads in these stories can give one reason to pause and think about how the story supports their own belief system. There really is no right or wrong with someone’s opinion or faith and many people become offended when challenged.

It may be just one of the reasons why Politics, Religion, NDE … is best left out of social conversation. Should someone bring up the subject, try listening to others beliefs, even if they don’t align with your own. In establishing that open-ness, you may find an opening to make a point.

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