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Book about NDE s

All of your research and opinions on NDEs and a book about NDE s  certainly seem well thought out and genuine, but in reading them I can’t help but retreat further with my own experience.

After flat lining from massive head trauma, I went to “Heaven”, saw my father who had passed years before and he sent me back. This is MY belief, which I shouldn’t feel compelled to prove (not that I could).

It has been difficult enough accepting what happened without being scrutinized by skeptics, and over analyzed by so many. I wrote a book about NDE s – “A Flight Without Wings”,  after much consternation in which I tried to use a voice that was non-threatening to any religious belief system. Is there no room for people to read an account of what happeneBAMcoverImage1hiRes (2)d to another without judgement and unnecessary scrutiny?

So many unexplained “epiphanies” have come to me after my event that I try to sort out and deal with if not embrace, which become more difficult in the midst of opposing views and beliefs. Hard to offer honesty with any enthusiasm.

My “purpose” if you will, in writing a book about NDE s  is to share some insight into opportunities that often come disguised, through the understanding and clarity and peace that my “event”  brought to my life going forward. It is a very simple, comfortable lesson that lends itself to most all denominations with a focus on kindness and goodness to others.

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