Spiritual connection, NDEs, Heaven. Church resistance to NDEs

Spiritual connection, NDEs ,  Heaven

Concerning my spiritual connection,  NDEs, and Heaven,  I recently had occasion to speak with a few people who are well schooled in theology and church matters through several emails back and forth. They offer impressive credentials. My purpose in contacting them was in an effort to understand the rigidity and reluctance of many denominations to accept  near death experiences.

Although some of the nuances of the event seemed to be lost on some, thereby changing the flavor of the story, parts of my efforts got through. The main argument appeared to be that in telling the story, the author (me) may not have followedBrian on beach wblowfish (2) the subtleties found in the Bible, or at least their interpretation of it.

When I wrote my book about NDEs , I very simply shared what I saw and what I felt during that time.

I offered very little past that. It seems that without mentioning punishment or “hell”, I was leaving out the concept of reward/punishment depending on one’s behavior here on earth. That was not aligned with most church teachings and therefore unacceptable.

Even though I don’t consider myself tightly connected to a church, I think I made no secret of the spiritual impact this event had on my life. One particular “epiphany” I had, made reference to Catholic liturgy in explaining the peace I felt. A comment was made to me about the “earthly fantasies” of Heaven that I made mention of, but in exploring it further and with specific explanation, the person saw what I really was referring to, and apologized.

As I wrote in the book, each person may very well get something different from reading it. I shared the story in a non- threatening, non- judgmental way that could be comforting. I left enough room for almost any reader to adapt the benefits into their own belief system. Those who remain loosely connected to a structured church, may adopt lessons about goodness and kindness towards others.



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