What’s in it for me ?… A book about NDE s

A Book about NDE s  in my work “A Flight Without Wings”. Comment on what I get out of writing and the  misconceptions  over the rewards.

Author- Book about NDE s "A Flight Without Wings"

Author- Book about NDE s
“A Flight Without Wings”

Anyone who has some knowledge about publishing a book about NDE s realizes that an author has to be motivated by something other than money. I would have to sell hundreds of thousands of books to support myself and family, and that’s not an easy task. My satisfaction comes largely from affording comfort and maybe validation to others who are concerned about the loss of a loved one or even for their thoughts about mortality in general. I can state with confidence exactly what you feel and experience when “passing over” to the other side that I call heaven.

Most of us have spent a lifetime pondering what happens at that moment, and any eyewitness information may strengthen the pre conceived notions we may have. Conversely, my descriptions may offer a different perspective and allow us to fine tune those “notions”. Either way, words from someone who has actually seen, and felt the afterlife could be considered valuable in a few ways. My book is told in a religiously “generic” way that is both comfortable and non-threatening, in a voice most can relate to. My hope is that in reading my book about NDE s, you can gather some relief from any worry about the process.


Brian A. McLaughlin


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